Your arrival - how to get to Brno?

Brno has a small international airport in Tuřany with flights to/from the UK and Russian Federation. Besides, one easily gets to Brno from Prague's International Airport (Praha Ruzyně) or from Vienna International Airport is by taking the Student Agency buses. Tickets are available in Student Agency ticket office at Prague’s International Airport, Terminal 1 or at the bus driver on Vienna connection or online at www.studentagency.eu .

A general website about the transport connection within the Czech Republic is accessible at www.jizdnirady.cz  - select English language (international buses and trains are included).Find there information about all connections which go from Prague to Brno by trains or buses.There are train connections from Prague Main Railway station directly to Brno Main Railway Station. In addition, there are also couch lines from Prague Bus Main Station Florenc terminal to Brno.

ISIC card

Each full-time Masaryk University student is issued a university ID card in the form of an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card includes a chip and bar code, and serves as a multifunctional card used at University libraries, copy machines and canteens. Businesses and services around the Czech Republic and worldwide, from bookstores to travel companies, offer student discounts (sometimes limited to people up to 26 years of age) on the basis of a valid ISIC; each year, active students pay a small fee to keep the card valid.

Internet access at Masaryk University

All MU students and employees can use the wifi network of MU which is accessible in most of the university premises (there are also internet sockets for cable connection in some libraries, halls). To set up your laptop to MU network, you have to choose one of the networks and connect.

The ultimate guide to MU wifi network here: https://it.muni.cz/en/services/wireless-wi-fi-connection

DPMB - Brno City Public Transport

Brno has a comprehensive and relatively cheap system of public transport (trams, trolleys, and buses) – the information about the integrated public transport system (switch to English): http://www.dpmb.cz

Where to buy a city transport pass:

Adress: DPMB, Novobranská 18
If you are under 26, you can have student discount – ask for “studentský kupón” – bring confirmation of studies to arrange this (EU students under 26 do not need the confirmation, other students need one). You need one passport-size photograph for the pass and some ID to show.

Quarterly coupon for 685 CZK (student discount) – in Czech “čtvrtletní - zóna 100+101”
An overall bus/tram/trolley pass – “čtvrtletní” is coupon for 3 months, two basic zones, it is valid on buses, trolleybuses, trams... most of the basic city area. The regular price (for people over 26 years of age) is 1370 CZK.

Or buy just a monthly coupon for 275 CZK (student discount) – called “měsíční” in Czech, show them written on paper from which date you want it, which zones, etc. (Zones 100+101 – is the best choice.) The monthly coupon – regular price – is double the discounted price, i.e. 550 CZK per moth.

Single tickets are sold at ticket vending machines, DPMB shops, kiosks and railway stations (15-min ticket for 20 CZK, one hour ticket for 25 CZK). You can also buy these tickets for 25 or 30 CZK (the price is higher) price in the bus, just ask the driver.

Bank account

Each Masaryk University student should have a bank account in the Czech Republic, to be able to get university scholarships. Exchange students (not receiving any scholarship from MU) can choose not to open an account in the Czech Republic. The bank machines around the city enable the usage of international banking cards and it is possible to pay via bank card in many shops.

If you are opening a bank account in the Czech Republic, just know that you can get a student account in any Czech bank on the basis of confirmation of studies.

The below mentioned bank and its branch is just a tip, look/ask for other banks in the Czech Republic: google "banks in Brno". A tip: Komerční banka, nám Svobody 21 (Freedom Square).They speak English – just ask for STUDENT bank account (with student benefits, obviously) and use the confirmation of studies from the enrollment pack to get one.

Registration after arrival – long-term stays, long-term visa

Long-term stays:

Ministry of the Interior
Department for Asylum and Migration Policy
Regionální oddělení pobytu cizinců Brno
Hněvkovského 30/65
Tel.: 543 213 313, 974 620 830 (incl. telephone appointments)
Opening hours: 
Mo, We: 8.00 – 17.00
Tu, Th: 8.00 – 14.00
Fr: 8.00 – 11.00 (upon invitation)

Czech Police Office for Foreigners

verification of invitations, students with LONG TERM VISA – registration (for the non-EU students staying in the dormitories is voluntary, but recommended)
Mon & Wed 8:00-17:00
Fri 8:00-13:00
Cejl 62b 
Tel: 974 628 131
Fax: 974 628 140
e-mail: oppbm@mvcr.cz

Medical Insurance

Health care in the Czech Republic is provided on the basis of health insurance. Students are responsible to find and pay for their own insurance. According to recent changes in Czech law, travel medical insurance valid for a long-term visa must be contracted with a company authorized to provide insurance services in the Czech Republic (i.e., by EU-based companies).

You find the descriptions on the website of the Masaryk University, with explanations of the various types of insurance, and links to insurance companies: http://www.muni.cz/international_students/health 

University Catering Services


There are cafeterias at almost every faculty, and four university canteens. The canteens offer five kinds of meals: two meat meals, one non­meat meal, a vegetable meal, a low­fat meal (poultry or fish), salads, fruits and deserts. 

Students take their meals through their SUPO or catering account and a valid university card. The card is activated by depositing money on your canteen account, at any cash counter of the catering services. You can use the credit you deposit on your card for paying for your meals, but you can also pay in cash.

Libraries at Masaryk University

Masaryk University does not have one single central library. Instead, library ¬information structure consists of 9 central faculty libraries (each provides services to its home faculty) and specialized libraries. After you register to one library, you automatically become the member of all libraries. Use your chip card and your UCO (student ID number) to register.
This university website lists all 9 faculty libraries with links to their descriptions and pages:

The Faculty of Education library 

All libraries have a common catalog with a joint search: http://aleph.muni.cz/  - you can use your UCO and secondary password to make bookings, and follow your loans; but non-authenticated search is possible, too.

Work permit and job offers

All students are allowed to do temporary work up to 150 hours per a year. If students want to work more than 150 hours per a year, then they need a work permit (except students from the EU member countries). Other international students (non¬-EU) are required to hold a work permit to undertake paid work of any kind. It is easier to obtain such a permit with the support of an employer that wants to offer you a job.

Orientation Week

All students are offered orientation activities including presentation of the university and the faculty where you study, including the International Office staff and international students contact persons at the departments, introduction to university facilities and information system, tour of Brno city, lecture on Czech culture and a survival Czech language workshop. The International Student Club can arrange a tutor for you to help you with the practicalities, and it organizes many informal events during the week to help the new students settle down. 

The CIC (Centre for International Cooperation) and the ISC (International Student Club) run an extensive orientation week prior to every semester for all international students: https://czs.muni.cz/en/student-from-abroad/international-student-guide/orientation-week

ISC – International Erasmus Student Network MU Brno

winner of the ESN Star Award 2010

for the most active ESN section out of 343 student organisations from 33 European countries.
Komenskeho nam. 2, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Tel.: + 420 774 774 831  
e-mail: esn@esn.muni.cz    
web: http://esn.muni.cz

Tutoring (= Masaryk University students helping international students for free) & many other activities like:

  • Country presentations
  • Trips & excursions    
  • Culture events
  • SocialErasmus    
  • Language classes
  • Sports      
  • Games
  • Parties

A- Z Guide for Masaryk University international students:

We look forward to welcoming you here in Brno!

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