About the department

We won´t do this!
You´re making us think!

(A quote from a participant in an art course for seniors led by Zuzana Ištvánová, a doctoral student at the Department of Art)

You will find the Department of Art on the third floor of the Faculty of Education – Poříčí 7, Brno.

Web: Department of Art


As well as the studies for Teacher for Primary and Secondary Schools the Department of Art also offers a specialized field of study called Art – visual arts for students with obvious creative talent and artistic direction.

Our department is the only one so far in the Czech Republic which offers a single-subject Bachelors degree in the field Special Art with a Focus on Teaching to Disadvantaged Groups. Equally unique is the Masters degree called Gallery Pedagogy and the Mediation of Art preparing specialists for work in galleries and museums.

The department is also accredited for a doctoral programme of study.

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