About the Faculty

About the Faculty

The main tasks of the faculty are to train and educate teachers for primary and lower secondary schools, and, in some fields, for upper secondary schools. The faculty also organizes the study of special and social pedagogy.

The faculty teaches courses in all degree programs: the Bachelor, Follow-up Master, Master and Doctoral programs. The range of degrees offered include specialization and retraining programs, short-term training courses, and lifelong studies, which responds to the needs of pedagogical practice through its supplementary extension.

Professional Opportunities for Graduates from the Faculty of Education:

Bachelor Program Graduates

  • Work as a teaching assistant to a teacher at primary and lower secondary schools 
  • Work as instructors in leisure centers
  • Graduate with the tools needed for socially-educative work with people of all ages and from all social groups
  • Graduate with the knowledge of how to educate children with special needs through special education in special kindergartens and school facilities

Master Program Graduates

  • Acquire a teacher qualification in a chosen specialization for elementary, lower secondary and secondary schools and schools for learners with special study needs

Doctoral Program Graduates

  • Work as academic staff at universities – in the fields of pedagogy, special education and research in education
  • Gain professional careers in the public sector or in company management

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