About the department

Welcome to the Department of Biology website of the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University.

Web: Department of Biology

Here you will find:

  • professional information,
  • information about studies,
  • news about events organized by the Department of Biology,
  • projects solved by our department,
  • information about fieldwork in progress,
  • gallery of pictures from past events.

If you are interested, the department’s webpages contain freely available:

  • selected teaching materials,
  • basic study materials,
  • ideas for teachers who are just starting.

You will find the Department of Biology on the ground floor of the old building of the Faculty of Education – Poříčí 7, Brno. Part of the department is the workplace of the faculty garden in Kejbaly.


The Department of Biology provides the following studies:
  • Bachelors degree,
  • Masters degree.
The Teacher of General Education Subjects with Biology programmes of study provide graduates with a complex amount of knowledge in the basic biological, ecological and geological disciplines and corresponding subject didactics. They also provide the basics of microbiology, nature conservation, biogeography and the skills related to determination and field work.
The study programme for a Teacher of Biology also includes rudiments of plant cultivation. The department participates to an important degree in the study programme Teacher for Primary Schools.


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