Review proceedings

Information about how the proceedings work

An applicant to study at Masaryk University can apply for a review of the decision about admission/non-admission to study. Send the request to the address of the Study Department of the Faculty of Education. The request is assessed by the Dean of the faculty. The Dean can either accept the request and change the decision, or, in the adverse case, will pass the request to the Rector to decide. The Rector changes a decision taken inconsistently with the law by an internal directive of MU or its part or by conditions set out according to §49 par. 1 and 3 of the Higher Education Act. Otherwise, s/he declines the request and confirms the original decision.

Vacant places left due to applicants who cancel admission are occupied by other applicants according to the order reached at the entrance examination, regardless of whether the applicant filed a request for a review of the Dean´s decision or not.
If the capacity is not fulfilled, the Faculty of Education can organise a subsequent admissions procedure.

Information for applicants who want to file a request for a review of the decision

In the review procedure it is not possible to take into consideration any reasons which are not in contradiction to the issued decision about non-admission to study with the above directives, even though the reasons are sincere and true.

The reason for changing the decision about non-admission particularly cannot be:

  • great interest in study of the chosen field of study
  • family tradition
  • excellent results in the previous study
  • previous experience in the given field, language and other certificates, completion of preparatory courses
  • subjective feelings and impressions concerning the organisation and course of the admission procedure or preparatory courses
  • late arrival (albeit explained) at the entrance examination
  • momentary health indisposition
  • social situation

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