Doctoral Study Guide

Intership / Placement

Students can study or work abroad during their studies in doctoral programmes. They can also choose form other offers, which are sent by various institutions during the year and published on faculty website or on Noticeboard in IS MU. More information about foreign stays and studying abroad can be received from Mgr. Bc. Lucii Vikovou from Research, Development and International Relations Department or from the Office For International Studies MU.


According to Scholarship Regulations MU, Par. 6, the dean of the faculty awards doctoral study support scholarship. Student is elligible to the scholarship if he/she has not exceeded the standard length of studies in his/her study programme.

The Faculty of Educaton offers other types of scholarships suitable for postgraduate students.

Closure of Studies

According to section 15 of the Study and Examination Regulation, a closure of studies may take place in the following ways:

  • Successful completion of doctoral state examination and doctoral thesis defense in accordance with section 47, subsection 4 of the Act on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Some Other Acts (hereinafter referred to as the Higher Education Act)
  • Loss of the right to enrolment in studies in accordance with section 10 or 12, or due to failure to meet conditions specified in sections 31 or 32 of the Study and Examination Regulation (section 56, subsection 1, letter b) of the Higher Education Act)
  • Abandoning studies (section 56, subsection 1, letter a) of the Higher Education Act)
  • Expulsion in accordance with section 65, subsection 1, letter c), or section 67 of the Higher Education Act (section 56, subsection 1, letter e)) of the Higher Education Act
  • Revocation of accreditation or expiry of programme accreditation in accordance with section 80, subsection 4 of the Higher Education Act (section 56, subsection 1, letters c) or d) of the Higher Education Act).

A person ceases to be a student of MU on the day of closure of his/her studies or on the day of closure of his/her last concurrent studies. Students whose studies were successfully completed are issued a university diploma and diploma supplement as proof of completion of studies. On request, the faculty will provide a graduate with a translation of his/her diploma into English, including a faculty stamp and authorized person’s signature.

Doctoral State Examination

Prerequisites for submitting a doctoral state examination application include the fulfillment of all of the requirements specified in section 28, subsections 3 and 4 of the Study and Examination Regulation. The doctoral thesis topic must be presented no later than at application submission, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctoral board. The application shall be submitted to the dean via the IS MU by a date specified by the academic year chart and timetable. The dean sets the doctoral state examination date dean during the semester that the student applied for by the designated deadline following a recommendation by the doctoral board. The general requirements of a doctoral state examination are specified in programme content. Additional requirements stipulated by the doctoral board must be communicated to the student in written form no later than four weeks prior to the examination date.

Should a student fail the doctoral state examination, he/she is entitled to repeat the examination no more than once. The dean, following the recommendation of the doctoral board, shall set an alternate date. The dean may interrupt a student´s studies until the alternate doctoral state examination date. In case a student is absent on the designated date of the doctoral state examination and subsequently fails to provide an acceptable reason for his/her absence within five workdays following that date, his/her performance is assessed as “unacceptable”.

Doctoral Thesis Defense

Doctoral thesis requirements are specified in section 30 of the Study and Examination Regulation. The extent, form and number of hard copies of the abstract as well as all other requirements are specified and announced by the dean or the doctoral board. The requirements for submitting a doctoral thesis defense application comprise the following:

  • Must be submitted to the dean via the IS MU by a date specified by the academic year chart and timetable,
  • Student must have previously completed doctoral state examination, or
  • Concurrently filed application for a doctoral state examination; in such a case, the doctoral defense takes place on the same date as the doctoral state examination; and
  • Completed a doctoral thesis reading.

The date for submitting a doctoral theseis defense is set by the dean according to the recommendations provided by the doctoral board. The defense takes place in the semester specified in the application. The dean, following a reccommendation by the dotoral board, appoints no less than two doctoral thesis readers. A student has the right to be informed of the evaluations no less than a minimum of seven days prior to the defense.

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