Conditions for Admission

According to  Act No. 111/1998 (amended and consolidated) on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Some Other Acts (The Higher Education Act), all doctoral programmes applicants must have previously completed their Master´s education. Applicants who have obtained a degree abroad need to supply a recognition of foreign university education certificate. It is possible to apply for validation of Master´s education at the Office for Studies of the Rector's Office MU.

The applicant must also pass the entrance examination in order to be considered for admission.


Application Fee

It is necessary to apply online through the e-application and to pay the application fee of CZK 600 per application. The payment of the fee must be made through MU´s Business Centre (contact is included in your e-application).

Note: When doing a bank transfer from abroad, banks may charge an additional transfer fee for foreign countries. It is necessary that the full amount of CZK 600 be credited to the MU´s account.

Tuition Fee

A fee is required for study programmes taught in a foreign language. Students must pay the full tuition fee of EUR 2000 for the academic year (2019/2020). Accepted applicants will be informed during enrollment of the specific merhod of payment for the tuition fee. 

Application Deadlines

Applications to study must be submitted on-line via the e-application form – between 1 February until 30 April for studies commencing in autumn term. No late submissions will be accepted. The applicant will have to wait for the following admission period.

Entrance examination dates

  • Study programme for Education – Education: June 2020
  • Study programme for Education – Social Education: June 2020
  • Study programme for Special Education – Special Education: June 2020
  • Study programme for Sonderpädagogik – Sonderpädagogik (taught in German): June 2020
  • Study programme for Specialisation in Paedagogy – Theory of Art and Gallery Education: June 2020
  • Study programme for Specialisation in Paedagogy – Didactics of Foreign Language: June 2020
  • Study programme for Spezialisation in der Pädagogik – Fremdsprachendidaktik: June 2020

Open Days

Faculty of Education does not organize special Open Days for prospective Doctoral students but they are welcome to visit our faculty during Open Days for prospective Bachelor or Master students. On this occasion, they may visit all of the faculty premises at following addresses – Poříčí 7, Poříčí 9/11 and Poříčí 31.

From Application Submission to Enrolment

An invitation to take the entrance examination will be sent to the applicant after he or she has fulfilled all the conditions for admission and submitted the application. 

The entrance examination consists of:

  • Discussion about the dissertation work project
  • A specialized discussion to test the applicants' knowledge in their specific field of study
  • A foreign language examination