• How is the timetable made?
    A student determines his/her timetable by enrolment in courses = only the enrolled courses are displayed in the timetable in the IS.
  • When is the timetable published?
    Information about the date of publication of the timetable can be found in the Schedule, the date refers to students of full-time as well as combined modes.
  • Where will I find my timetable?
    Students will find their timetable in the IS. Click on the left bar on Timetable --> My timetable of a student.
  • How about the timetable in courses which have seminar groups?
    If a course has seminar groups, the student´s “own“ seminar group will show up in the timetable only after s/he applies to join the seminar group.
    Students can apply to join seminar groups in the period stipulated by the Schedule.
  • Which seminar group should I choose?
    When applying to join seminar groups, follow the notes in individual seminar groups and apply to join only those groups which state your field of study. Students who apply to join a different seminar group may be excluded from the seminar group by the teacher.

    ATTENTION: An exception is made for students from the field Teacher for Primary Schools and Teacher for Kindergartens. These students are divided at the beginning of their study into study groups on the basis of a foreign language which they are going to study. They are then divided into seminar groups by the Study Department according to these study groups, following the instructions from individual departments. These students´ “own“ seminar group then shows up only after they are added to a relevant seminar group by the Study Department.
  • Some lectures are shown in the timetable with a higher number of classes than stated in the study catalogue. Should I attend all of them?
    No, for example, the course SZ2BP_UFI – Introduction to Philosophy – 4 hours a week in the timetable – only 2 hours a week in the study catalogue. It is up to the student which 2 hours of lectures he/she chooses (each two-hour lecture in one week contains the same topic of the covered subject matter). The procedure is analogous in other cases; the important thing is the number of hours stated in the study catalogue.
  • My courses overlap, what should I do?
    This may happen. If the overlap affects two compulsory courses for your field of study which have compulsory attendance, contact Mrs Kučerová (as it may be a mistake). However, if one of the courses is compulsory and the other is not, you have to decide which one you will attend. Or you have to consider whether you can manage to attend both of them (as not all courses require compulsory attendance).
  • How to change the timetable?
    Usually, it is not possible. If the teacher agrees, you can attend a different seminar group from that determined for your field of study.
  • The timetable for a course does not show up, what should I do?
    To find out when the classes wil be, contact the relevant department or the teacher of the course with the query.

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