Passwords for the IS

  • You should obtain a password for the Information System together with an UČO on enrolment in your studies. If you are already enrolled in the IS as a student of another field of study (or a former student), you will not be issued with a new password. To log in, you can use your old password; if you do not remember it, see the administrator and s/he will issue a new password to you (see the question: When and where can I collect a password?). The log-in data for the IS (UČO and the password) are the same for all studies at Masaryk University.

  • I have lost / forgotten my password for the IS, what should I do now?
    You have to see the administrator to collect a new password (see the question: When and where can I collect the password?).
  • Why don´t you send passwords for the IS by e-mail?
    We do not send the log-in data (= password and UČO) by e-mail for security reasons. We are thus trying to prevent the misuse of your personal data.
  • When and where can I collect the password?
    You can collect the log-in data in office hours from Blanka Španová. To get the password, you need to prove your identity (with an ID card, passport).
    Another (but paid) option is to have the password sent by registered mail to your home address. You can find out about this option in the Shopping Centre.
  • Who will issue the secondary password?
    You set your secondary password in the IS by yourselves, click on the left bar in the IS at System --> Change password --> Change secondary password.