Masaryk University systems

Masaryk University passwords and systems... why two?

UCO (or nick) + primary password

Your primary password in Masaryk University electronic systems can be used to access the information system (IS - for administration of studies and search of courses and people at MU) and INET (the University’s economic system, in which you see your payments for dormitories, canteens, copying at university premises – i.e., your SUPO account balance, see below), you can set a secondary password for some other functions.

UCO + secondary password

The secondary password has several uses around the University. It is used to access computers in University PC rooms, and to access information about your use of library resources (, for example to see your loans and reservations. It is also used to connect your portable computer to cable or Wifi Internet in university buildings.

You can set and change both passwords in the IS in the SYSTEM menu.


All the payments at Masaryk University can be conducted through SUPO the system. (SUPO = The System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University.) It is a virtual account every student and employee has in the INET (economic database), and all your transactions are automatically recorded within it.

It is important to activate your personal profile in this system, otherwise you cannot pay for your accommodation, access the internet network in the halls of residence and make copies/prints at a university.

  • Go to SUPO website (The System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University) (Log in, use your login name and your primary password)
  • Change the language of the website to English, on the right top of the page.
  • Click on the link „SUPO “ in the section “MU economics”, and then on „SUPO client account“ in the submenu.
  • Click on the link „Client's Consent with the Conditions of Running the SUPO System” and read the text.
  • Choose the option „I agree“ and click on „Confirm“ at the end of the page.
  • Your SUPO website is now activated, and you can see your variable symbol. Write it down - it is your personal specific number and it is necessary to mention it when making most regular payments including money transfer from your account to MU account. (Except tuition and application fees and other single payments – they use a special number, identical to the invoice issued.)
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