This section is intended especially to applicants for admission to a doctoral degree study programmes at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University. You will find information on the doctoral study programme Education here:

The standard length of study is four years. Study modes: full-time or combined

Consultation on prospect doctoral thesis topics and supervisors are provided by: prof. PhDr. Vlastimil Švec, CSc. – the chairman of the doctoral board at the Faculty of Education, programme Education

Programme description

The aim of the doctoral study programme is to prepare students for scientific work in the field of education, i.e. to provide high quality scientific training, which is based on the great tradition of both domestic and foreign theoretical and empirical research relevant not only for the purpose of this scientific field, but also for the appeal of educational policy and practice. The focus is individual student scientific preparation primarily aimed at their doctoral thesis workout. Emphasis is given to doctoral thesis workout and professional orientation in the scientific field.

Learning Outcomes

 A graduate of the doctoral degree programme Education should have:

  • deep knowledge of both basic and profiled educational disciplines
  • deep knowledge and skills of methodology of educational research
  • skills in project management and educational research realization and evaluation of its results
  • skills in presentation of results of their research to experts via essays published in reviewed journals (or journals with impact factor), or as a monograph or a presentation on domestic and foreign conferences
  • skills in cooperation with specialists from other domestic or foreign institutions

Graduates of the doctoral degree study programme Education are fully competent to work at other faculties, where there are accredited educational study programmes (fields); at research and developmental workplaces, where educational issues are solved using research methodologies; or on managerial positions at secondary, alternatively at primary schools.


Entry requirements

  • Master’s degree in Education, alternatively Specialization in education, or in Teaching (e.g. of general education subjects, of vocational subjects for high schools etc.), or their foreign equivalents
  • submission of own research proposal in English language, including reasoning of the proposal with recommendation of suggested supervisor, completed by agreement of supervision by suggested supervisor
  • active knowledge of English language at least on C1 level (according to CEFR) and knowledge of relevant terminology
  • the applicant must pass the entrance examination, which includes defence of the research proposal, oral examination from education, oral examination from another world language (German, French, Russian)

Tuition fee (according to § 58 par. 5 of the Higher Education Act): 2 000 EUR

Submission of application to studies:

  • 1 September 2016 – 30 November 2016 (for start in spring term 2017)

    1 February 2017 – 30 April 2017 (for start in autumn term 2017)

Entrance examination date: will be specified

Applications to studies must be submitted via IS MU (Information System of Masaryk University), i.e. electronically on the following web page:

You must submit the following documents with your application (Mgr. Hana Florková - until 5 December 2016 (for start in spring term 2017):

a) certified diploma (see Recognition of Foreign Higher Education and Qualifications – General Information
b) academic CV
c) overview of specialist activities in the field of doctoral degree programme; if applicable, a list of published papers, or papers accepted for publication
d) research proposal (submitted with written agreement of the suggested supervisor with supervision over the research proposal, incl. his/her domestic institution)
e) confirmation of teaching practice, if applicable.

Entrance examination comprises three parts:

1. part – Methodology
Discussion over the research proposal and specification of the research topic, type of research, methods, research techniques..

2. part – Academic discussion
Academic discussion tests the applicant’s overview of contemporary academic literature in given field of study. The applicant proves his/her broad knowledge of scientific base of the field. He/she will introduce his/her published papers to the board; in case he/she has not published a paper yet, he/ she will present his diploma thesis.

3. part – Language test (German, French, Russian)
In this test, the ability to communicate in academic language about the proposed research topic will be tested.

Evaluation of the entrance examination:
Each part of the entrance examination (methodology, academic discussion, language test) is evaluated in words: ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

Based on these partial evaluations, the final result of the examination is decided: ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

In case the applicant fails one part of the examination, the final result is ‘fail’.

The applicants, who pass the entrance examination, will be ranked by the committee based on the quality of academic discussion over the research proposal.

The dean of the faculty makes the final decision on acceptance to studies.

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