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Electronic information resources at MU

At Masaryk University, there are Electronic Information Resources, which are designed for students and university staff for their academic needs.

You can find here multidisciplinary resources focused on a wide range of areas, or specialized resources containing the particular field.

These databases can provide full text (full text databases), bibliographic information or some document abstract as well (bibliographical, bibliographical and abstract databases), required citation data (citation databases) or specific data, such as interpretion of some term of a numerical value (factographic databases).

You can search all significant sources, including the library catalog, simultaneously from one place using metasearch EBSCO Discovery Service.

Central Library at Faculty of Education offers educational seminar focused on work with e-resources at MU and effective searching also in English language. 


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Virtual library

The virtual library will enable you to read, download or print hypertext and other materials.

Learning resources outside the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University:


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