Solar power station

Solar power station

Solar energy is the energy of the future. On this page you will find some interesting information about one of the biggest solar power stations in the Czech Republic, which is installed on the roof of the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University.

Information about the power station

In April 2005 our faculty launched a trial run of the biggest photovoltaic power station in the Czech Republic with an estimated annual output of 40 MWh. Regular operation was started in January 2006.

The photovoltaic system generates electric energy directly by converting solar radiation in a solar generator consisting of photovoltaic panels and supplies it to the electricity network in the building of the faculty with the use of special current inverters. Part of the system is the measurement of its principal parameters in real time, their visualization and possibility of further analysis.

The photovoltaic panels are primarily used for pedagogical purposes – giving students long-term experience with the connection of the system to an internal electrical network. We expect that one of the most important impacts of the photovoltaic system installed at our faculty will be propagation of awareness of renewable sources of energy through future teachers and their pupils to a considerable share of population.

You can have a look at more detailed online statistics.
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