Personnel Office

The Personnel Office of the Faculty of Education ensures:

  • complete oversight of all personnel matters in the area of labour law in accordance with the Labour Code
  • organization of selection procedures for vacancies
  • administration of the foreign nationals agenda and deals with the job centre to do with vacancies
  • wages and salaries – remuneration for work including remuneration based on extra job contracts
  • agenda of sickness insurance  of Masaryk University staff
  • agenda of subsidized meals for the faculty´s employees
  • advising for employees in terms of pension issues
  • mediation of information about the system of commercial insurance to its employees
  • organization of professional development of employees (organization of training courses, professional work experience/study stays)
  • on the request of citizens, issuing confirmations on the basis of personnel documentation of former employees
  • employer´s preventative medical care
  • coordination of checks and its own checking activities in the area of health and safety at work
  • agenda of registry of accidents incurred at school and at work including negotiation on compensation for damages
  • own checking activity in the area of fire protection including relevant administrative documentation
  • completion of statistical reports

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